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Tourism for Local Conservation & Community Development


Your holiday will fund initiatives in youth leadership training and ecological conservation in Kilwa Masoko - money well spent!

Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania

Come see the beauty and rich history that makes Kilwa special! We work with our local partners in transport, accommodation, and small business to facilitate the fullest experience of this coastal town, whatever your time frame and budget. Just let us know your trip plans, select your activity preferences, and we will help you build a memorable adventure tour in Kilwa.




We at Kilwa Adventures are made up of Tanzanian people from Kilwa who are passionate about: 

1) Visitors who come to our hometown having the best and most authentic experience in a way that does not harm the natural beauty of our beloved town but enriches and celebrates it, and

2) Our generation being inspired to make an impact in our hometown and be proud of who we are and where we come from by creating local sustainable projects and employment 

We will organize your visit around your interests

Our options and packages are not set in stone- filling out the booking form simply begins the conversation to plan the details around your visit to Kilwa. We are here to serve YOU. And who better to show you around than a Kilwa local? So what are you waiting for?

What Tours or Activities do you want to enjoy here in Kilwa?

Local Tanzanian man standing in front of UNESCO Kilwa ruins with his arms stretched outward showing the expansive structure
Local Tanzanian man standing in front of UNESCO Kilwa ruins looking up at the tall structure behind him


Featured! watersports

Other Water ACtivities

While most of our guests already have a place to stay and just want to book kitesurfing lessons and island tours, we can connect you to the accommodation of your choice if you need help. If you're feeling adventurous, we'd love to take you camping for a night or even your entire visit- just let us know!

What kind of Accommodation are you looking for here in Kilwa?


We'll lodge you in one of the many amazing hotels and hostels located just a stone's throw from the water. Simply include when you're booking your activities what your room, meal, and price preferences are and we'll take care of it! 

As you Discover Kilwa, keep in mind that our passion is to Protect our hometown and help its residents Thrive where they are. Your visit with us funds our projects, but you can do more! Learn more about what we're doing in Kilwa Masoko and how you can invest.



Kilwa has many islands and a rich and unique natural habitat. We want to preserve these resources and maintain our beautiful surroundings by keeping our beaches clean, being responsible around our reefs, and repurposing our waste. Find out about our recycling projects and what you can do on your visit to help us keep our town beautiful!

The youth are our future, and there are many young men and women in Kilwa with potential for greatness. We are passionate about empowering our upcoming generations to make something of themselves and contribute to their community. We want to build strong, active, smart leaders in our town who are being the best they can be!

Coming soon to Kilwa and interested in something you don't see here? Contact us at [email protected] and let's talk!