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Welcome to Kilwa Adventures! We're excited for your visit and want to make your trip as fun and stress-free as possible. Whether you're a detail-oriented trip planner who wants to add a few activities to the itinerary, or you're a free spirit who wants to show up and flow with the vibes, we're at your service!

We can connect you with transportation to/from Kilwa, book accommodation for your visit based on your budget and preferences, and (our specialty) we can arrange and host countless activities ranging from chill beach crafts to exciting watersports to enhance your trip. 

Let's make memories!

EXPLORE Kilwa Masoko, Kilwa Kivinje, and the islands


And more in this rich historic town...  

RELAX on the beach and take in Kilwa's natural beauty


And more in this beautiful slow-paced town...

PLAY watersports and try kitesurfing with a Kilwa pro

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And more in this fun sunny town...